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Wireline, Wireless, and VoIP calls made to the E9-1-1 Center will provide the TCS with the callers location.  For Wireline calls this means that the TCS will receive information consisting of the telephone number and address the telephone number is located at.  For Wireless calls the TCS will receive the caller's wireless number and using Phase II technology the TCS will be able to obtain the location of the cell phone, even if it's moving via foot or vehicle travel.  For VoIP the TCS will receive the location with which the VoIP number is associated.


Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Who are the emergency response agencies Saline County E9-1-1 dispatches for?


Emergency Medical Dispatch

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Saline County E9-1-1

TCS personnel are Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers and trained to use our EMD Program to give pre-arrival instructions to callers with medical emergencies.  They provide the caller with immediate assistance in the form of step-by-step instructions on how to perform CPR, provide and maintain bleeding control, assisting the expectant mother facing imminent childbirth, and other life saving instructions while the caller is awaiting the arrival of an ambulance.  The TCS personnel will remain on the phone with the caller until emergency medical help arrives on scene and assumes patient care.  In the event a 911 caller cannot speak, the TCS personnel uses location obtaining software and equipment to identify the physical location that the 911 call initiated from (either a land line or cell phone location).  The TCS will remain on the phone to record and relay any information obtained from sounds heard during the call to emergency responders while they are en route to the location of the caller needing assistance. 


Telecommunications Center

Saline County E9-1-1 job positions are as follows: Telecommunications Specialists (TCS), Shift Supervisors, GIS Technician, Administrative Office Assistant, Operations Manager, and Director.  The Saline County  E9-1-1 Center has up-to-date equipment and software providing services to citizens such as Emergency Medical Dispatch, Wireline, Wireless and VoIP Enhanced 911, Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVLs) in emergency response units and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD).

Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL's)

The E9-1-1 Center uses a Computer Aided Dispatch software developed by Cushing Technologies.  The CAD allows the TCS 911 Call-Taker to quickly process an incoming 911 call, assign an emergency response agency to it, and continually update new incoming information obtained from the caller.  The TCS Radio Personnel can then immediately access that information and relay it to the emergency responders en route to the call.  

Enhanced 911

The equipment used in the E9-1-1 Center has automatic vehicle locator (AVL) capabilities.  Many of the emergency responding units in Saline County are equipped with these AVLs and this gives the TCS the ability to see the location of the emergency responding unit and provide them with turn-by-turn directions to the location of the 911 caller.

Serving the citizens and emergency response agencies of Saline County, Missouri since February 16th 2010.

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